RE: [fluka-discuss]: FloatPoint exception

From: Popescu, Razvan <>
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2014 18:54:16 +0000

Dear Francesco,

My apologies for not catching that I was using the older 2b.5 version; I updated FLUKA and the new files are attached.
The input is slightly changed -- PREC defaults and explicit EM threshold setups, but the stack dump looks similar to the previous fault. I use the standard flukahp (64bit, built with gfortran 4.6.4), no user routines.


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Dear Razvan,

thanks for reporting. Could you please run the last version of FLUKA (2011.2b.6) and send us again the respective random seed file in order to let us reproduce your crash? I assume that you are not using user routines and that your are running the standard flukahp gfortran executable.



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