[fluka-discuss]: RE: Residual nuclei calculation: models or data libraries?

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Dear Gabriele,

you can find an answer to your question in the discussion archive at:


Regarding the models, FLUKA uses its own model which is called PEANUT. You can find the respective references to the publications on the FLUKA website in the reference section.

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Dear Fluka users,

I know that the capability to score the residual nuclei has been implemented into FLUKA with an analytical solution of the Bateman equations describing activity build-up and decay during irradiation and cooling down, for arbitrary irradiation conditions.

As it is well known, the Bateman equation for the concentration Ni of isotope i in a material subject to a particle flux reads as

where λd are decay constants , φ(E,t) is the magnitude of the particle flux of energy E and σij is the particle cross section for transmutation from isotope j to i (The sum is to be taken over all other nuclides j present in the material).

The question is: depending on particle irradiating type (neutron and proton in particular), does Fluka use data libraries and/or models to set the σij parameters on the Bateman equation? I suggest that data libraries are used for “low-energetic” neutrons (E<20 MeV) and models elsewhere. Is that true? If so, which kind of data libraries and models are used?


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