Re: [fluka-discuss]: Absorbed Dose to water from neutrons - separate scoring of absorbed dose from recoil protons and neutron capture gammas?

From: Alberto Fasso <>
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2015 14:36:22 +0100

I copy here a couple of Notes to option DISCARD, taken from the manual:

    2) Discarding a particle means that that type of particle will
       possibly be produced but not transported.

    3) The user may want to process some particle types with other
       programs providing only the production by the FLUKA code. These
       particles can be discarded. The results will then not contain the
       contribution of the discarded particle types and of their

I think it is clear from these Notes that if a particle is discarded it
will give no contribution to scoring.


On Mon, 16 Feb 2015, Felix Ernst Horst wrote:

> Dear Mikhail, Dear Alberto,
> Thank you both for your hints.
> I'll try it via DOSE and EM-DOSE scoring with high Delta-Ray production
> threshold, that way fits my current input file best.
> One more question to DISCARD: When i discard the protons, will their energy
> also be discarded?
> I thought it would be locally deposited just like when a particle's energy
> falls below the transport threshold.
> Regards
> Felix
> Am 2015-02-13 11:50, schrieb Felix Ernst Horst:
>> Dear FLUKA experts,
>> I am currently simulating the absorbed dose profile from neutrons
>> (spectrum from ~10 MeV down to thermal energies) in a water phantom by
>> That dose distribution should consist of amounts from recoil nuclei
>> (in water mainly recoil protons) and gamma photons from neutron
>> capture (in water mainly on hydrogen) respectively their secondary
>> electrons. Is it possible to separate these two dose components from
>> each other (e.g. by switching off one of these two interaction
>> mechanisms while the other remains switched on)?
>> Which physic cards are responsible for these two mechanisms?
>> Thank you
>> Regards
>> Felix
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