[fluka-discuss]: A very strange simulation result by USRBDX

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Hi, every fluka user:

 Recently£¨ I simulate the process of electron with the relativstic maxwellian distribution and electron temperature of 1000 keV hitting Al and PE target with same thickness of 1mm and score the forward photon dose and photon spectrum by USRBDX and AUXSCORE. when I check the results, I confused that the dose (1.71E-4 psv/prim.+0.4%) generated by PE target is larger than that (1.60E-4 psv/prim.+0.2%) genrated by Al Target, but from the photon spectrum, the photon number generated by Al is more than that generated by PE in the all energy range as shown in bottom figure. I think may be there is some mistakes in my input file and hope anybody can give me some advices, Thank you very much, the input file and orginal data was attached.

Bo yang



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