[fluka-discuss]: Geometry axes and output of FLAIR

From: M. ARIF EFENDI <5810220008_at_email.psu.ac.th>
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2015 08:44:13 +0000

Dear FLUKA expert,

My name is M. Arif Efendi.
I'm studying in prince of songkla university at nuclear physics.

I will use FLAIR for my research.
My research is simulation of photon dose in medical LINAC.
I am quite new fluka user.

I have two questions for my problem.
First questions is about geometry axes in fluka. I want to simulate the head of linac.
The beam start in the top and come to the bottom (vertical direction).
I make in my simulation geometry that it use z direction. Is that correct to define the vertical direction as z axes?
I attach in this email my .flair and .inp file.

The second questions is how to see the output file and scoring the dose in flair?
I want to get the plot about relative percent dose as the distance (cm) and percentage depth dose as depth (cm).

Your help is really my expectation.

Best Regards
M. Arif Efendi

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