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Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2016 13:45:18 -0200

Dear Flukas,

I am trying to simulate a neutrino beam detection on a water tank using
the FLAIR. And I need to obtain the number of collisions as a function of
energy as my estimator, unfortunately I am not sure what card I should use
to do that.

(1) I've tried to use the DETECT card but it printed a table with energy
range and two other columns that I don't know what they are but doesn't
seems to be particle counting due to the fact it has results less them 1.

(2) The USRBIN does not seems right either because it prints the fluence
(not number of particles) and is a spatial function not energy.

(3) I've tried to run electrons to test and them neutrinos, when I ran
electrons I get the files, but when I run neutrinos (even if I undiscad
them) I get the error:

 Abort called from FLDFSR reason FORCE INTER. IN VACUUM Run stopped!

Is this due to the fact that there was no neutrino interaction due to its
small cross section or is it some other error?

(4) Is it possible to automatically DISCARD all the particle trackings but
neutrinos (since I only need the collision event)? It seems a waste of
processing keeping track of every particle when I don't need it, but on
the CANCEL card it seems to me that I have to do it manually for every
single particle.

(5) Isn't it better to have a stack exchange-like forum for the fluka
project instead/together of/with email listing, so that people can find
solutions to the problems that were already asked?

Thanks a lot,


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