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1.4} Biasing


  * Leading particle biasing for electrons and photons: region dependent,
    below user-defined energy threshold and for selected physical effects.
  * Russian Roulette and splitting at boundary crossing based on region
    relative importance.
  * Region-dependent multiplicity tuning in high energy nuclear interactions.
  * Region-dependent biased downscattering and non-analogue absorption of
    low-energy neutrons.
  * Biased decay length for increased daughter production.
  * Biased inelastic nuclear interaction length.
  * Biased interaction lengths for electron and photon electromagnetic
  * Biased angular distribution of decay secondary particles.
  * Region-dependent weight window in three energy ranges (and energy group
    dependent for low energy neutrons).
  * Bias setting according to a user-defined logics.
  * User-defined neutrino direction biasing.
  * User-defined step by step importance biasing.

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