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13.2.5} fldscp.f: FLuence DiStributed - Change of Positions


     Argument list (all variables are input only):
          IJ     : particle type
          PLA    : particle momentum (if > 0), or kinetic energy (if < 0)
                   (input only)
          TXX,TYY,TZZ : particle direction cosines, can be modified by user
          NTRUCK : number of step points
          XTRUCK,YTRUCK,ZTRUCK : particle step points, can be modified by user
          NREG   : new region number (input only)
          IOLREG : old region number (input only)
          LLO    : particle generation (input only)
          ICALL  : internal code calling flag (not for general use)

 Subroutine FLDSCP allows to shift by a user-defined distance the track whose
 length is being scored as fluence along a step or several step binning portions,
 by providing new segment endpoints. A typical application is to simulate an
 instrument drift.

 If name-based input is being used, the names corresponding to NREG and IOLREG
 can be obtained via a call to routine GEOR2N:
 where NUMREG (input variable) is the region number, and NAMREG
 (returned variable) is the corresponding region name (to be declared
 as CHARACTER*8). IERR is a returned error code: if = 0, the
 conversion is successful. See example in the description of BXDRAW below.

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