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18.21} RQMD interfaces


 A very similar interface has been developed by Francesco Cerutti
 (University of Milan and INFN), Toni Empl (University of Houston), Alfredo
 Ferrari, Maria Vittoria Garzelli (University of Milan and INFN) and Johannes
 Ranft, with the Relativistic Quantum Molecular Dynamics code (RQMD) of
 H. Sorge. Also in this case the evaporation and deexcitation of the excited
 residuals is performed by FLUKA. Significant intervention on the original code
 were necessary to bring under control the energy/momentum balance of each
 interaction to allow for a meaningful excitation energy calculation.
 This brand new development allows FLUKA to be used for ions from roughly
 100 MeV/n up to cosmic ray energies. The results of this modified model can
 be found in [Aig05, And04, Fas03]. Work is in progress to develop new original
 code to replace this RQMD interface.

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