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18.20} DPMJET interface


 DPMJET is a high energy hadron-hadron, hadron-nucleus and nucleus-nucleus
 interaction model developed by J. Ranft, S. Roesler and R. Engel, capable
 to describe interactions from several GeV per nucleon up to the highest
 cosmic ray energies. There are strong ties between the FLUKA and the
 DPMJET teams (with J. Ranft being author of both) and the collaboration is
 going on since the mid 90's. An interface with DPMJET-2.5 was developed by
 Toni Empl (Houston), Ferrari and Ranft [Emp02]. The interface allows to treat
 arbitrary ion interactions in FLUKA at whichever energy in excess of 5
 GeV/n. The excited projectile and target residual leftovers  are passed
 back to the FLUKA evaporation/fission/break up routines for the final
 deexcitation and "low" (in the excited residual rest frame) energy particle
 production. As part of the interface work a new fast multiion/multienergy
 initialisation scheme has been developed for DPMJET and a new cross section
 algorithm has been worked out for runtime calculations based on a fine mesh
 of DPMJET runs with various ions and energies.

 An interface with the DPMJET-3 [Roe01] has been developed in
 collaboration with Stefan Roesler (CERN) and is now available.

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