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18.6} Particle transport


 The number of particles which can be transported by FLUKA was 25 in
 1990; after the muon (anti)neutrinos and several hyperons were added,
 the number increased to 36. In 1992, transport of light ions (deuterons,
 tritons, 3He, alpha) was introduced, without nuclear interactions. In 1996
 tau leptons and neutrinos transport (and in some cases interactions)
 were added. In 1999 the transport of optical photons was set up. The same
 year charmed hadrons brought the total number of transported
 particles to 63, plus all kinds of heavy ions.

 The transport threshold, originally fixed at 50 MeV has been lowered
 since 1991 to the energy of the Coulomb barrier. Below that value,
 charged particles were ranged out to rest.

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