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18.7} Particle decays


 The old FLUKA allowed for two and three body phase-space like particle
 decays with no account for possible matrix element, particle polarisations
 and higher multiplicities. Starting since 1995, particle decays have been
 rewritten from scratch by Ferrari allowing for more than 3 body decays,
 implementing polarised decays for pi's, Kaons, Tau's and muons when
 relevant, and introducing proper matrix elements for Kaon and muon decays.
 Among these features, polarised muon decays with the proper V-A matrix
 element were developed by G. Battistoni (INFN-Milan) and K_mu3 and K_l3
 decays of K+/- K_Long with the proper matrix element were based on the
 KL3DCAY code kindly provided by Vincenzo Patera (INFN-Frascati).

 Various methods of particle decay biasing were also introduced by Ferrari
 (described later in the Biasing subsection).

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