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18} History of FLUKA

The history of FLUKA goes back to 1962-1967. During that period, Johannes Ranft was at CERN doing work on hadron cascades under the guide of Hans Geibel and Lothar Hoffmann, and wrote the first high-energy Monte Carlo transport codes. Starting from those early pioneer attempts, according to a personal recollection of Ranft himself [Ran97], it is possible to distinguish three different generation of "FLUKA" codes along the years, which can be roughly identified as the FLUKA of the '70s (main authors J. Ranft and J. Routti), the FLUKA of the '80s (P. Aarnio, A. Fasso`, H.-J. Moehring, J. Ranft, G.R. Stevenson), and the FLUKA of today (A. Fasso`, A. Ferrari, J. Ranft and P.R. Sala). These codes stem from the same root and of course every new "generation" originated from the previous one. However, each new "generation" represented not only an improvement of the existing program, but rather a quantum jump in the code physics, design and goals. The same name "FLUKA" has been preserved as a reminder of this historical development - mainly as a homage to J. Ranft who has been involved in it as an author and mentor from the beginning until the present days - but the present code is completely different from the versions which were released before 1990, and far more powerful than them.

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