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2.3.3} A simple example

 Let us now consider a simple starting application. We want to calculate the
 charged pion fluence produced by a monochromatic proton beam of momentum 50
 GeV/c impinging on a 5 cm thick beryllium target of simple shape: a small
 parallelepiped (20 cm x 20 cm x 5 cm). A further simplification will be made
 for the purpose of this example, neglecting all the surrounding environment
 and substituting it with ideal vacuum.

 We will guide the reader through the different parts of a possible input file
 suited for this application. The information which follows is meant to serve
 as a guide, but does not cover all the important points. It is recommended
 that for each option card selected, the user read carefully the relevant
 manual entry, and especially the explanatory notes.

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