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2.3.4} The title

 Typically, an input file begins with a TITLE card followed by one line of
 text describing the problem, or identifying that particular run, or providing
 some kind of generic information.  In our case, for example:

TITLE Charged pion fluence inside and around a proton-irradiated Be target Further information can be provided by comment cards, but the title, because it is printed at the top of the standard output and of each estimator output, is a useful reminder of what the corresponding file is about. In addition, the title is printed in all separate output files (error file, estimator files etc.) together with the date and time of the FLUKA run, allowing to keep track of their origin. Commands such as GLOBAL and DEFAULTS, if needed, must immediately follow. Since this is intended as a beginner's guide, these can be ignored here (for most common problems the defaults provided are sufficient). Let us recall that without specifying a DEFAULTS value, the NEW-DEFAults set of FLUKA parameters is loaded.

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