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2.6} Various settings

 Accuracy and computer speed depend on several parameters that can be freely
 tuned by the user: but in general an increase of either one results in a
 decrease of the other. The proper balance must be based both on physical and
 on practical considerations. The present defaults have been designed to give
 satisfactory results in the most common cases: but other sets of defaults can
 be implemented using option DEFAULTS (to be placed at the beginning of the
 input file, just after the title).

 Even when one set of defaults is enforced, the user can still override some
 of them by modifying single parameters. The most used ones concern energy
 cutoffs (option EMFCUT for electrons and photons, LOW-BIAS for low-energy
 neutrons, PART-THR for all other particles), thresholds for delta-ray
 production (option DELTARAY), particles to be ignored (option DISCARD),
 switching on or off some physical effect (EMFCUT, IONFLUCT, MUPHOTON,
 PAIRBREM, PHOTONUC, PHYSICS, POLARIZAti), and (more rarely) the size of the
 step for transporting charged particles (FLUKAFIX, MCSTHRES, MULSOPT,
 Energy cutoffs for each particle are listed in a table on standard output
 ("Particle transport thresholds").

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