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3.2.1} Installation of the tar.gz packages


 1) The user must define few environmental variables: 
   - FLUPRO: pointing to the directory where the distribution tar file will be 
     decompressed. If you work on bash do:
      '> export FLUPRO=/pathto/fluka'
     or if you work on csh or tcsh do:
      '> setenv FLUPRO /pathto/fluka'

     If the directory does not exist you should first create it by:
      '> mkdir /pathto/fluka'

   - FLUFOR (optional): containing the compiler type ("gfortran" or "g77") which
     must be coherent with the architecture of the package you downloaded. 

     If you work on bash do:
      '> export FLUFOR=g77'    OR     '> export FLUFOR=gfortran'
     or if you work on csh or tcsh do:
      '> setenv FLUFOR g77'    OR     '> setenv FLUFOR gfortran'

     In case FLUFOR is not set the script does an attempt of checking if the
     name of the $FLUPRO directory contains the "gfor" string. In this case
     gfortran is selected. If the FLUFOR variable is not set and the compiler 
     platform name is not coded in the directory name "g77" is selected.
   - GFORFLU (optional): set to specify the specific version of gfortran to be
     used if more than one is available (i.e. if on your machine "gfortran" 
     points to a version < 4.6, and "gfortran46" points to version 4.6, you can
     set GFORFLU to "gfortran46" and happily use the FLUKA gfortran 64 bits 
Such definition of the environment variables are lost when you logout. In order to make it permanently available you should add the export/setenv command to your shell configuration file: - If you work on bash add them to your ".bashrc" file; - If you work on csh (or tcsh) add them to your .cshrc (or .tcshrc) file; 2) Go to the FLUPRO directory and move there the selected FLUKA package '> cd $FLUPRO' then '> cp /path/fluka2011.x-linuxAA.tar.gz ./' or '> cp /path/fluka2011.x-linux-gfor64bitAA.tar.gz ./' 3) Uncompress the tar.gz the package '> tar -zxvf fluka2011.x-linuxAA.tar.gz' or '> tar -zxvf fluka2011.x-linux-gfor64bitAA.tar.gz' 4) Compile the flutils, link and install FLUKA by typing: '> make' this creates the default executable 'flukahp' and compiles auxiliary programs in the directory flutil.

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