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3.2.2} Installation of the RPM package

 We also distribute a RPM package which can be installed in principle on each
 x86 RPM-enable distribution (Fedora, Redhat, Ubuntu, Suse ..etc). The package
 requires the 'compat-libf2c-34' and 'compat-gcc-34' packages.

 In order to install the RPM on the Fedora/Redhat just type (as root):
  '> rpm -ivh fluka2016.x-i686.rpm'

 Other x86 RPM-enabled distributions might have different name for the
 'compat-libf2c-34' and 'compat-gcc-34' packages'. In this case you might have
 to install them separately and then run (as root):
  '> rpm -ivh --nodeps fluka2016.x-i686.rpm'

 In  you want instead to upgrade a previous installation run (as root):
  '> rpm -Fvh fluka2016.x-i686.rpm'

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