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 Fixed format for both body and region input is the default, unless requested
 differently by a GLOBAL command at the beginning of the input file.
 In fixed format, each body is defined by: its code, a sequential number, and a
 set of floating point numerical parameters defining its size, position and
 orientation in space (all in cm).
fixed format is the original CG one as used in MORSE and in other Monte Carlo programs. It expects up to 6 floating point values per line. High-accuracy fixed format allows to enter numerical data with full precision (16 significant digits) and accommodates only a maximum of 3 floating point values per line. The fixed input format for each body depends on the value of the IDBG variable given in the Geometry Title line (see above). If IDBG = 0, 10 or 100, the body input format is (2X, A3, I5, 6D10.3); if IDBG = -10 or -100, the format is (2X, A3, I5, 3D22.15); where the 3-letter code in columns 3-5 is one of the following: ARB BOX ELL PLA PYX PYY PYZ QUA RAW RCC REC RPP SPH TRC WED XCC XEC XYP XZP YCC YEC YZP ZCC ZEC (columns 3-5 must be left blank in continuation lines). The following bodies are no longer maintained and should not be used. They will be removed in future releases. ARB BOX RAW WED The integer in columns 6-10 is the body sequential number (if left blank numbers are assigned automatically, but this is not recommended; it must be left blank in continuation lines). The floating-point numbers in columns 11-76 are geometrical quantities defining the body (their number depends on the body type as explained below, and can extend over several continuation lines). The presence of the decimal values in the numerical data is compulsory. After the last body description, end with a line having the code END in columns 3-5.

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