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8.4} The FLAIR Geometry Editor

 The Geometry Editor is an addition to Flair (see 2.8}) for viewing/debugging
 and editing FLUKA geometries in a graphical way. It works on 2D cross sections
 of the geometry with some 3D capabilities.

 Main  features:
 - Fast display of complex geometries
 - Many user-customizable layers:
     the Layers dialog allows the user to create customized views. The user has
     the possibility to change the fill color of the regions displaying regions,
     materials or even color encoding of biasing, cuts, thresholds etc. Moreover
     the user has the possibility to overlay a background image, e.g. a
     technical drawing, USRBIN data, BEAM parameters, lattices, voxels,
     transformations, as well as 3D representations using a raytracing technique.
     Or a combination of any of the above.
 - Graphical editing of the bodies with snapping mechanism to generate accurate
 - Visual selection and editing of zones without the need to know the
   orientation of bodies
 - Use real curve of bodies with no conversion to vertices/edges
 - Interactive debugging with information of problematic bodies, regions
   and/or zones

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