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9} Output

The output of FLUKA consists of: * a main (standard) output, written on logical output unit LUNOUT (predefined as 11 by default) * two scratch files, of little interest to the user, written on output units LUNECH and LUNGEO (8 and 16 by default). However, if the rfluka script is used to run FLUKA, these files are automatically deleted by the script at the end of the run * a file with the last random number seeds, unit LUNRAN (2 by default) * a file of error messages (if any), unit LUNERR (15 by default) * any number (including zero) of estimator output files. Their corresponding logical unit number is defined by the user: in case the number chosen coincides with one of the above, in particular LUNOUT, estimator formatted output will appear as part of the corresponding output stream. However, this is not recommended, and it is not allowed anyway in the case of unformatted output. Generally, the user can choose between formatted and unformatted output. Only formatted output is presented here, while unformatted output is described at the end of each option description * possible additional output generated by the user in any user routine, in particular USROUT (see 13}) ========================================================================

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