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9.3} Random number seeds


 A file of 97 seeds for the random number generator is written on output unit
 LUNRAN (usually 2) at the end of each run. The file, which can be read in
 the next run on an input unit defined by the user with option RANDOMIZe,
 is written in hexadecimal format. The first line (which is also printed
 on standard output at the beginning of the calculation) contains the total
 number of generator calls corresponding to the present file, expressed as two
 integers I1, I2 in hexadecimal format (2Z8). The actual number of calls is
 equal to I2*1.E9 + I1. If the difference between the number of calls in two
 such files is sufficiently large, the two files can be reasonably expected
 to produce statistically independent runs.


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