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9.8} User-generated output


 Users can generate their own output in any user routine. However, one special
 routine, USROUT, has been designed for this purpose. It is called on request by
 command USROCALL, usually at the end of the run, after command START. The
 desired output can be printed on the standard output file (logical unit LUNOUT),
 or on one or more separate files. These can be opened explicitly with a normal
 Fortran OPEN statement or with a FLUKA OPEN command. Otherwise, any
 WRITE(xx,...) statement will cause a file to be opened by default with a name
 fort.xx, where xx is a logical unit number. In any case, it is important that
 the logical unit numbers be > 20 (unit numbers up to 20 are internally reserved
 for FLUKA).

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