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Flair apart from the latest version of FLUKA it requires the following programs:
  1. Python interpreter version V2.6 or greater. Python usually comes pre-installed in most linux distributions, otherwise it can be downloaded from http://www.python.org
  2. Tkinter toolkit, this is the default graphical toolkit for python and usually it is shipped together with the interpreter. In Fedora distributions (Version>3) it has to be installed separately. In this case install it with the command (as superuser)
    $ yum -y install tkinter
  3. Tcl/Tk version V8.5 or greater.

Optionally but strongly recommended

  1. flair-geoviewer a plugin to flair for interactive geometry editing, debugging and 3D visualization
  2. PIL (python imaging library) and the tk interaface for image exporting from geoviewer. Typically on various distributions they appear with the name
  3. PIL (python imaging library) and the tk interaface for image exporting from geoviewer. Typically on various distributions they appear with the name python-imaging and python-imaging-tk
  4. gnuplot version V4.0 or greater
  5. pydicom The python dicom library optionally if you want to convert DICOM files to FLUKA voxel
  6. numpy The python numeric library for dicom processing



README file with installation instructions (ASCII file)


Download the latest version of code:

Version Numbering

Flair version numbering, consists of 3 numbers starting from 0, in the form: flair-M.m-R The About Dialog of the program displays the Major and minor version as well the SVN release number, every time changes in the program are committed to the SVN server. It is recommended the user to pay attention on the date of the last change as well the date when the program is uploaded on the web site.


The recommended way of installation is the use of rpm. The rpm installer, will install the program in the /usr/local/flair directory and the executable launcher programs in the /usr/local/bin. It will also create all the necessary files and modify the system database to add the program in the educational/science/physics menu, define the appropriate file associations for the file types .flair, .fluka and .inp.

In case your system doesn't support the rpm, use the tar gzip file and follow the instructions in the README file. For specialised help on various OS, look first the FAQ.
In brief, expand the archive to a directory of your choice, and either add it to the PATH variable or create an alias in your login script like
alias flair=/path-where-you-install-flair/flair

Auxiliary Programs

qfluka.sh Script to launch jobs on a cluster using OpenPBS system. Can easily be modified for other batch systems

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