Last version:
FLUKA 2011.2x.3, June 19th 2018
(last respin June 2018)
flair-2.3-0 28-Apr-2017


Fluka Release
( 19.06.2018 )

FLUKA 2011.2x.3 has been released.

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Dear User.

In case of any problem during the use of the FLUKA package do not contact directly a member of the FLUKA team!
Please use the mailing list whose usage is explained below.

You are encouraged to get in touch with the FLUKA development team.

In case you encounter problems or should have questions technical in nature, should there be questions/issues or suggestions relating to physics issues or to ask help about possible bugs, please contact us through the:

FLUKA mailing list (

It offers access to user knowledge and help in addition to the FLUKA team. To subscribe, simply send email to:

with a single line

subscribe fluka-discuss

as the body of the email.

Last updated: 11th of November, 2011

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