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13th Fluka Course, NEA Issy-les-Moulineaux, Paris, France

Dates of course: May 13 - May 17, 2013
Registration Closed


FLUKA is a fully integrated particle physics Monte-Carlo simulation package. It has many applications in high energy experimental physics and engineering, shielding, detector and telescope design, cosmic ray studies, dosimetry, medical physics and radio-biology. More information, as well as related publications can be found on the FLUKA website. The course will help professionals working in the Monte Carlo radiation transport fields to understand the various functions and attributes of the code.

The event is organized with the support OECD Nuclear Energy Agency.

Course Fee & Registration

  • The registration fee is €400. The fee is intended to cover the travel cost of the faculty members and prepare the course materials.
  • Registration is limited to 30 participants. After we have received 30 PAID registrations we will accept requests for participation in case of cancellations.
  • An official dinner is also planned and included in the above fee.
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Prior Knowledge

No particular experience with FLUKA or similar Monte-Carlo packages is required, however basic knowledge of LINUX/UNIX is welcome. For newcomers, not only to FLUKA but also to Linux, we strongly recommend to have a look into a Linux tutorial in order to be able to profit at maximum from the FLUKA course.


Laptops will be provided by NEA for working in pairs (one computer per two participants). However if you prefer to use your own laptop during the course, we would kindly ask you to bring it along and inform the course organization committee about it. It is important to verify the correct functioning of FLUKA and FLAIR (with the geoviewer-plugin) prior to the course start. If you experience problems, please contact us in advance in order to avoid installation and configuration problems during the course. You can find additional information concerning installation, needed libraries, etc. in the FLUKA Discussion Mailing List or the FAQs.

Laptop requirements

  • Laptop with Linux pre-installed
  • Check the requirements page.
    Verify Installation
    Verification Program: or check_fluka.tgz
    - Download the program
    - unpack unzip
    or tar xzvf check_fluka.tgz
    - change directory cd check_fluka
    - execute./
    The program will run a few checks and propose solutions in case of problems. If all tests have passed it will create a summary file check_fluka.out that you should send to the course organizing committee to verify that your fluka installation is working properly.
  • Laptop with only Windows 7, Vista, XP or Mac OS/X
  • FLUKA can run in a virtual machine, most preferably through Oracle's VirtualBox. Ensure that you have the required memory:
    PlatformMin. Memory (RAM only)
    Windows XP1 Gb
    Windows 7/Vista2 Gb
    Mac OS/X1 Gb
    Please check the FLUPIX for more information.

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