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2nd Fluka Advanced Course and Workshop

September 15-20, 2012
Registration Closed

Tourist Information

Registration and Travel

For those participants who may have difficulty entering Canada, TRIUMF is able to provide a letter of invitation to the course. This letter can be requested during the registration process.

To get from Vancouver International Airport to the hotel, one can either take a taxi (approximately $30CAD each way) or use the light-rail rapid-transit system (Canada Line) to go from the airport to downtown Vancouver and then transfer to a bus (approximately $10CAD each way); GoogleMaps can be used to plan the journey. In addition, there may be shuttle service from the hotel; please contact the hotel directly.

Visa information

To see a list of countries whose citizens need a visa to visit Canada click here

Please note that obtaining a visa might be a lengthy procedure and that the participants requiring a visa should submit their online application form as soon as possible to avoid potential delays associated with processing.

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