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FLUKA 2023.3.2, November 21st 2023
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flair-2.3-0d 13-Sep-2023


-- Fluka Release
( 21.11.2023 )

FLUKA 2023.3.2 has been released.

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Using an external library it is possible to merge piece of codes written in C/C++ with the FLUKA package. This allows to build custom functions which act as interfaces with the ROOT framework, in order, for example, to obtain the output of the simulation in the form of ROOT files.

The changes in the original fortran code are minimal, and simply consist in adding some external function calls where needed, without touching the core of the FLUKA program.

This approach can thus be considered as an alternative to the h2root method and can give more flexibility for those people who want to write custom pieces of code in C or C++ and to use ROOT for the following data analysis.

Riccardo Brunetti (INFN, Italy); 9 May 2003
Vasilis Vlachoudis (CERN, Geneve); 6 March 2008

Last updated: 10th of October, 2008

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