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FLUKA 2021.2.8 has been released.

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How do I reference FLUKA correctly?


How do I reference FLUKA correctly?


In accordance with the User License, the use of the FLUKA code must be acknowledged explicitly by quoting the following set of references:

"The FLUKA Code: Developments and Challenges for High Energy and Medical Applications"
T.T. Böhlen, F. Cerutti, M.P.W. Chin, A. Fassò, A. Ferrari, P.G. Ortega, A. Mairani, P.R. Sala, G. Smirnov and V. Vlachoudis,
Nuclear Data Sheets 120, 211-214 (2014)

"FLUKA: a multi-particle transport code"
A. Ferrari, P.R. Sala, A. Fasso`, and J. Ranft,
CERN-2005-10 (2005), INFN/TC_05/11, SLAC-R-773

Additional FLUKA references can be added, provided they are relevant for the FLUKA version under consideration.

This set of refences is subject to change in time. New ones will be communicated, when necessary, in the Release Notes of new FLUKA versions.

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