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FLUKA 2021.2.6, May 27th 2022
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-- Fluka Release
( 28.05.2022 )

FLUKA 2021.2.6 has been released.
Flair-2.3-0bpy3 python3 port on 28.05

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The following is a syntax highlighting script for the GVIM editor.

You first need to download the file fluka.vim.

Copy the file to the .vim/syntax directory, if you don't have create it.

  1. Create a .vim/syntax directory
    	mkdir ~/.vim/syntax
  2. Move the file into the directory
    	mv fluka.vim ~/.vim/syntax
  3. To automatically detect the filetype add the following lines to the ~/.gvimrc file
    " Fluka
    au! filetypedetect BufNewFile,BufRead *.fluka,*.inp	setf fluka

To manually activate the highlighting execute the command from withing the editor:

:setf fluka

Vasilis Vlachoudis

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