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FLUKA 2023.3.2 has been released.

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defines decay times for radioactive product scoring


Option DCYTIMES defines decay times after irradiations at which selected quantities (for instance residual dose) are scored.

     WHAT(1) = cooling time (in s) after the irradiation end, to be associated
               to a scoring detector (see Note 1 below)
             >=< 0.0 : a new decay time is added with delay WHAT(1)
             Default = scoring at end of irradiation is associated with index 1

     WHAT(2) = the same as WHAT(1) (one more cooling time)

     WHAT(3) = the same as WHAT(1) (one more cooling time)

     WHAT(4) = the same as WHAT(1) (one more cooling time)

     WHAT(5) = the same as WHAT(1) (one more cooling time)

     WHAT(6) = the same as WHAT(1) (one more cooling time)

     SDUM    = not used

     Default (option DCYTIMES not requested): no decay times are defined


  • 1) Each cooling time is assigned an index, following the order in which it has been input. This index can be used in option DCYSCORE to assign that particular cooling time to one or more scoring detectors.

  • 2) Multiple cards can be given, up to a maximum of 20 decay times. All decay times are counted from the end of the last irradiation period as defined by the IRRPROFI command. A null decay time activates scoring exactly at the end of irradiation. A negative decay time is admitted: scoring is performed at the chosen time "during irradiation"


 DCYTIMES         10.       30.     3600.    43200.    86400.   172800.
 DCYTIMES    2592000. 31557600.
 * Eight different cooling times have been defined, each with an index
 * corresponding to its input order: cooling time no. 1 is 10 s, no. 2 is 30 s,
 * and those from no. 3 to 8 are respectively 1 h, 1/2 d, 1 d, 2 d, 30 d, 1 y

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