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For calorimetry only. Superimposes a binning structure to the geometry and prints the result after each "event"


For a description of input for this option, refer to USRBIN. Meaning of WHATs and SDUM is practically identical for the two options. The only difference here is that if WHAT(1) is given with a negative sign, only non-zero data ("hit cells") are printed. For Cartesian binning, WHAT(1) = 0.0 prints all cells, and a negative number > -0.5 must be used to print only the "hit cells". See Note 2 below and Note 3 to option ROTPRBIN.

This card is similar to USRBIN, but the binning data are printed at the end of each event (primary history). Information about the binning structure is printed at the beginning, then binning data are printed at the end of each event WITHOUT ANY NORMALISATION (i.e. energy per bin and not energy density per unit incident particle weight).

If the sign of WHAT(1) in the first card defining the binning is negative, only those elements of the binning which are non zero are printed at the end of each event, together with their index.

Default (option EVENTBIN not requested): no event-by-event binning.

To read EVENTBIN unformatted output, see instruction for USRBIN, with the following differences:

  • first all binning definitions are written
  • then, for each event all binnings are dumped, two records for each binning:
  • First record: NB, NCASE, WEIGHT (resp. binning number, number and weight of the event)
  • Second record: binning energy deposition data (see USRBIN)
  • if the LNTZER flag (only non-zero cells) is activated, the energy deposition can be read as:
          READ (...) NHITS, (IHELP(J), GMHELP(J), J = 1, NHITS)
          IHELP  = cell index  = IX + (IY-1)*NX + (IZ-1)*NX*NY
          GMHELP = cell content


  • 1) Normally, this option is meaningful only in fully analogue runs. Any biasing option should be avoided, and a GLOBAL declaration with WHAT(2) < 0. is recommended. Also, it is recommended to request an option DEFAULTS with SDUM = CALORIMEtry, ICARUS or PRECISIOn.

  • 2) In many cases, binnings defined by EVENTBIN result in a number of sparse "hit" cells, while all other bins are empty (scoring zero). In such cases, it is convenient to print to file only the content of non-empty bins. In these circumstances, it may also be convenient to allocate a reduced amount of storage (see option ROTPRBIN, and in particular the Note 3 to that option).

Example 1 (number-based):

 EVENTBIN        10.0     208.0      25.0     150.0     200.0     180. Firstscore
 EVENTBIN      -150.0     100.0     -20.0      75.0      50.0     20.0  &
 *   In the above example, the user requests an event-by-event scoring of
 *   energy deposition (generalised particle 208), in a Cartesian
 *   three-dimensional array. The bins are 4 cm wide in x (75 bins between
 *   x = -150 and x = 150), 2 cm wide in y (50 bins between y = 100 and
 *   y = 200), and 10 cm wide in z (20 bins between z = -20 and z = 180).
 *   The results are written, formatted, on logical unit 25. The name given
 *   to the binning is "Firstscore".

The same example, name-based:

 EVENTBIN        10.0    ENERGY      25.0     150.0     200.0     180. Firstscore
 EVENTBIN      -150.0     100.0     -20.0      75.0      50.0     20.0  &

Example 2 (number-based):

 * Event-by-event scoring of photon fluence in a cylindrical mesh of
 * 1200x3800 bins 1 mm wide in R and Z. Results are written unformatted on
 * logical unit 27. The user requests not to print bins with zero content.
 * The binning name is "Bigcylindr".
 EVENTBIN       -11.0       7.0     -27.0     600.0       0.0   1900.  Bigcylindr
 EVENTBIN         0.0       0.0       0.0    1200.0       0.0   3800.0  &

The same example, name-based:

 EVENTBIN       -11.0    PHOTON     -27.0     600.0       0.0   1900.  Bigcylindr
 EVENTBIN         0.0       0.0       0.0    1200.0       0.0   3800.0  &

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