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-- New Fluka Major Release
( 06.05.2024 )

FLUKA 2024.1.0 is available.
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Initialises Galactic Cosmic Ray or Solar Particle Event calculations


     WHAT(1) = i0 + 1000 * i1
               i0 = 0: centered dipole field, geomagnetic coordinates
                       (used also for computing rigidity cut-off's
                        in the spectrum generating routine)
                  = 1: exact multipole fields, geographic coordinates
                  = 2: undefined, standard MAGFLD user routine called for
                       regions with magnetic field
                  = 3: dipolar field for infinite plane at given latitude
                  > 3: undefined, standard MAGFLD user routine called for
                       regions with magnetic field
               i1 = number of atmospheric shells (see Note 2)
                  = 10000: no atmospheric shells
                  = 51 :  50 atmospheric shells (not supported)
                  = 101: 100 atmospheric shells
                  = 201: 200 atmospheric shells (not supported)
               Default: centered dipole field, 100 shells

     WHAT(2) = not used

     WHAT(3) = not used

     WHAT(4) = Earth radius (Default provided)

     WHAT(5) = Earth equatorial magnetic field (Default provided)

     WHAT(6) = not used

     SDUM =    name identifying both the spectra files (estension .spc) 
               and the data file (estension .sur) produced  by the 
               auxiliary program atmloc_2011.f  (see Note 2).

     Default (command GCR-SPE not given): no GCR/SPE calculation.


  • 1) Cosmic ray calculations, initialised by GCR-SPE, are defined by means of command SPECSOUR and a number of auxiliary programs. Details are presented in Chap. (16)

  • 2) The cards for the geometry description of the atmospheric shells must be prepared using the auxiliary programs and datacards in the directory $FLUPRO/gcrtools. Program Atmloc_2011.f writes a file atmloc.geo, containing the geometry input to be inserted into the FLUKA input file (or to be read by setting WHAT(3) GEOBEGIN card), a file containing the extra material assignments, and a file atmloc.sur containing auxiliary data and the scoring areas. The user shall rename the file atmloc.sur to <xxxxxxx>.sur, where <xxxxxx> is an identifier of exactly 7 characters which must appear also in the input spectra file names: the spectra must have the names <zz><xxxxxxx>.spc, where <zz> is the atomic number of the primary. The example spectra distributed with FLUKA come with two identifiers: <zz>phi0465 for solar minimum and <zz>phi1440 for solar maximum, and with zz=01-28.

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