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FLUKA 2023.3.4, April 10th 2024
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flair-2.3-0d 13-Sep-2023


-- Fluka Release
( 10.04.2024 )

FLUKA 2023.3.4 has been released.

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stops the execution of the program

See also START

     WHAT(1)..WHAT(6) and SDUM : not used

     Default (option STOP not given): no effect (the program stops at the
     end of the run when the conditions set in the START command are

Inserted at any point in a FLUKA input sequence before the START command, a card STOP interrupts input reading and de-activates all the following cards. It can thus help in debugging input. After START, its presence is optional and has no effect.

When running the geometry debugger or plotting a slice of the geometry, it is often convenient to place a STOP command just after the GEOEND cards or after the PLOTGEOM input. Otherwise, once the debugging or plotting has been completed, FLUKA would continue reading input cards and eventually would start particle transport as soon as a card START is found.


 GEOEND          150.       75.      220.       30.        0.     -220.DEBUG
 GEOEND          120.        1.      110.        0.        0.        0. &
 *   Debugs the geometry and stops without starting a simulation

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