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FLUKA 2023.3.2, November 21st 2023
(last respin 2023.3.2)
flair-2.3-0d 13-Sep-2023


-- Fluka Release
( 21.11.2023 )

FLUKA 2023.3.2 has been released.

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calls user-dependent output


The meaning of WHAT(1),...,WHAT(6), SDUM is defined by the user. A call to the user-written routine USROUT with 6 WHAT numerical values and one character string SDUM as arguments is issued every time this card is read.

     Default (option USROCALL not given): no user-defined output


  • 1) In subroutine USROUT, WHAT and SDUM must be declared as follows:
             DOUBLE PRECISION WHAT (6)
             CHARACTER SDUM*8

  • 2) It is suggested that the USROUT routine shall contain at least the three standard INCLUDE files:
                             DBLPRC, DIMPAR, IOUNIT

Other useful files to be INCLUDEd, depending on the problem, can be:

                     BEAMCM (characteristics of beam particles),
                     CASLIM, SOURCM, SUMCOU (normalisation factors),
                     FLKMAT (info on materials),
                     PAPROP (particle properties),
                     SCOHLP (scoring help: flags identifying the different
                            estimators and binnings),
                     USRBDX, USRBIN, USRSNC, USRTRC, USRYLD (info about
                             different detectors and binnings)
  • 3) See (13) for more information on INCLUDE files useful in user routines.


 USROCALL        17.0      17.0      -5.5       1.1     654.0     321. OK
 *  Call output routine passing over 6 numerical values and a string

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