Understanding RESNUCLEI Output

From: Christopher Knievel (Christopher.Knievel@lightsource.ca)
Date: Wed Apr 16 2003 - 23:29:05 CEST

Dear FLUKA users,

I am running a simulation in which I would like to score residual nuclei production. I have used the RESNUCLEi card with the output being printed on the formatted unit 23. I am just having trouble understanding what the numbers mean which it is giving me. I am simulating an electron beam interacting with an aluminum cylindrical beam dump and I have asked it to score the residual nuclei production within that aluminum beam dump. I will attach the output which I recieve. The output is in matrix format I do not understand what the columns or the rows correspond to. This is what I can tell, the rows correspond to the atomic number Z and the columns to the number N-Z-K, where N=# of neutrons? and K=constant(-5). Is this correct? I also do not understand what the number which I get in a specific location in the matrix corresponds to. Another question which I have is why does the last row in the matrix end after only four elements. One final question which I have is if I were to specify that I wanted unformatted output, is there a specific subroutine which I could use which would calculate the statistics and numerous runs, such as is available for the other estimator options. Or would i have to create my own subroutine. If anyone could help me clarify my output, it would be greatly appreciated.

Chris Knievel


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