Re: Muon production in FLUKA

From: Graham Roger Stevenson (
Date: Fri Jun 20 2003 - 08:43:02 CEST

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    Hi Alfredo

    Your explanation was somewhat clearer than the manual - I suppose it's a
    truism to say that all manuals are only understood by those who write

    I agree that sampling the position from the biased decay length is correct
    if you allow the parent to go on decaying. From the manual I understood
    that only one muon would be created per pion, and in a test run I made
    there was only one. But I have just drastically shortened the biased
    decay length and got many more muons. Perhaps an additional sentence in
    the manual for idiots like me would help.

    Could you find time please for the second question, how do I pick up the
    birth and interaction/death points of pions and kaons so that I can decay
    them myself? In this way I can enhance the muons selectively from
    different regions and choose the number of muons created per parent.
    GDECAY appears to work globally and not on a region by region basis.
    I remember you taught me one that the way round this was to effectively
    "kill" hadrons in unwanted regions using "anti" region importance
    weighting, but I would like to leave the hadron cascade unscathed.

    Very many thanks for your help

    Ciao, Graham

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