neutron scattering (2)

From: Bernhard Schwingenheuer (
Date: Fri Jun 20 2003 - 16:34:24 CEST

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    Dear FLUKA community,

    I am using FLUKA for neutron scattering (9.5 MeV) in nitrogen N14.

    In USDRAW I try to learn about the implemented scattering
    for ICODE=300.

    A few questions come up when I look at the information I get:

    1) Is the information stored in the common block RESNUC meaningful at
       entry USDRAW with ICODE=300 ?

    2) for those reactions when NP=2 and the 2 secondaries are neutron +
       I find that the sum of outgoing energies is typically 2 MeV larger
       the neutron energy before the scattering.
       If these are inelastic reactions then I expect to have N14 before and
       after the scattering and hence energy should be conserved (averaged
       many reactions).

    3) For thermal neutrons I see some cases with NP=2 and the secondaries
       neutron + proton!!
       The proton energy is always 0.58 MeV (= 13/14 of the Q value of (n,p)
       for N14). Typically there are several of these reactions for a given
       particle! One neutron makes several (n,p) reactions???

    4) what is the meaning of the RESNUCLEi output if I have only 1 beam
       i.e. "START 1."?

    Thanks a lot for your time....


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