FLUKA expiration

From: Giuseppe Battistoni (Giuseppe.Battistoni@mi.infn.it)
Date: Sat Oct 16 2004 - 09:09:18 CEST

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    Dear colleagues
    since some of youcould not receive the last mails, and given the
    importance of the argument, we resend to everybody the following news
    about the expiration date.
    We also remind to everybody the FLUKA questionnaire that you can find
    at http://www.fluka.org/cgi-bin/flukaq.pl
            Giuseppe Battistoni
    1) some of you may have noticed that the code is starting to warn about
    expiring in a few weeks. Originally we thought that a new version would
    have been available largely in advance of that date. However, we are busy
    working on a MAJOR new release and we don't think it is worthwhile to
    make a minor one just one. So we decided to simply extend (by one year,
    of course we expect the MAJOR new release to be OUT well before that
    date) the expiration date.

    You have two ways to get the expiration prolonged:

    a) download again the full Fluka tar file relevant for your
        architecture etc etc
    b) (much simpler)
        - go to http://www.fluka.org/extend/
        - choose the directory corresponding to your architecture
          (Linux, Linux RedHat 7.3, HP, Digital Unix)
        - download zeroin.o
        - substitute zeroin.o in the library you already have, that is
          ar rv libflukahp.a zeroin.o
        - relink and run

    NO physics change has been made.

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