RE: How can I activate the gamma photons

From: Manuel Lorenzo Sentis (
Date: Tue Jul 05 2005 - 19:06:07 CEST

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    Dear Josselin,

    To activate the low-energy neutron transport you have to use the card LOW-NEUT. With WHAT(4)=1,2,3 you obtain different outputs (cross sections, kerma factors etc.). You can find it in page 133 (FLUKA option LOW-NEUT) of the extended FLUKA manual in

    The card LOW-MAT sets a correspondence between FLUKA materials and low energy neutron cross-sections. Depending on the physical state (temperature etc.) of the elements you use in your material definition, you can choose a suitable data base for your problem (for the available options see table 11.3 in page 336 of the extended manual).

    Best regards,
    Manuel Lorenzo Sentis

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    Subject: How can I activate the gamma photons

    Dear Fluka users

    I'd like to activate the 22 gamma results mentionned
    into the manual, with the option LOW-NEUT (22 gamma
    from the ENEA set) and to have this data set in my
    output file.

    I searched into the manual, but I couldn't find

    How can I activate it?

    Thank you for your help.
    Best regards,
    Josselin Morand


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