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From: Manuel Lorenzo Sentis (
Date: Thu Jul 07 2005 - 18:17:27 CEST

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    Dear Brandon,

    The what(2)=208 of the card USRBIN will create a file (with the name nameofinputXXX_fort.38) with the total energy deposited by primaries and secondaries. If you were interested in the electromagnetic part of this energy deposition you would put 211 instead of 208. With the card SCORE you will obtain in the output the energy deposited (splitted into separated columns of total, electromagnetic and hadronic energy deposition) per region.

    Manuel Lorenzo Sentis

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    Subject: Dose Scoring with USRBIN

    Dear FLUKA users,

    I am running heavy ions through a slab of aluminum and am looking at
    total energy deposited. If I am using precision physics with EMF and low
    energy neutrons enabled and have the following lines in my .inp file,
    will the output file form USRBIN contain total energy deposited from all
    transportable particles including secondaries? If not, what will it
    contain and what do I need to change to get total energy deposited from
    all particles including secondaries?

    My code has the following lines:

    SCORE 201.0 208.0 211.0
    USRBIN 10.0 208.0 -38.0 200.0 200.0 0.3803704
    USRBIN -200.0 -200.0 0.3703704 100.0 100.0 20.0


    Brandon Reddell

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