Re: Scoring of Fission Densities with USRBIN

From: Alfredo Ferrari (
Date: Wed Dec 07 2005 - 22:32:09 CET

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    Hi Lutz

    sorry for the very laaaaaaaaaaaate answer.
    I suspect something fishy with fission scoring, I'll give a look.


    On Thu, 8 Sep 2005, Lutz Moritz wrote:

    > Dear FLUKA users,
    > I have come back once again to my problem of calculating inventories in
    > actinide targets bombarded by 500 MeV protons. The geometry is simple,
    > just a cylinder of UC2 along the z-axis. I ask to score all fissions,
    > low-energy fissions, and high-energy fissions and also the residual nuclei. I
    > get what appear to be reasonable results with the SCORE card (ie. there are
    > positive numbers for the fission density in the target region [2]in the
    > standard output. I also get production in the fission region with RESNUC
    > card. But when I try to also score the spatial distribution of the fission
    > density with USRBIN I get only zeros. I don't think there is any problem
    > with my USRBIN cards because if I substitute any other quantity to score
    > (like the beam particles or neutron track length) I get positive results. Is
    > there something else that needs to be turned on to get the fission
    > densities? Previous queries on this subject have gone unanswered. I attach my
    > input file and the summary of the standard output.
    > Lutz Moritz

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