Strange messages in the err file

From: Chris Theis (
Date: Tue Dec 20 2005 - 17:50:35 CET

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    Dear Sirs,

     I'm currently performing FLUKA simulations where I start 7 TeV protons
     in a beam pipe for beam loss calculations. During the runs I encounter
     some interesting messages in the error file, which I do not understand
     and where you probably could shed some light on this. However, I have
     to mention that these messages do not crash the program I would very
     much like to understand them and their cause.
     During the whole run I receive quite an amount of messages like the
       Eventv: ekin+am < pla,ij,igreyt 5.53165567 5.54778857 14 1
       *** Kaon: P_min > 1.5 GeV/c: 15 1.52972114
     I recon the ekin+am is the sum of the kinetic energy and the rest mass
     but the rest of the message is rather unclear as I have no clue what
     pla, ij, igreyt and those numbers mean.
     Furthermore I get messages like the one below from the tracker:
      Geofar: Particle in region 95 (cell # 0) in position
     9.493944493E-01 -8.027766844E+00 -3.509927151E+02
       is now causing trouble, requesting a step of 5.595938336E+00 cm
       to direction 2.293323168E-02 -1.062827117E-02 9.996805023E-01,
     count: 0
       R2: 8.083711420E+00 R3: 3.510857907E+02 cm
       X*U (2D): 1.070939658E-01 X*U (3D): -3.507734798E+02 cm
       X*UOLD(2D): 1.070939658E-01 X*UOLD(3D): -3.507734798E+02 cm
       Kloop: 3653483, Irsave: 95, Irsav2: 202, error code: -3
     Nfrom: 21
       old direction 2.293323168E-02 -1.062827117E-02 9.996805023E-01,
     lagain, lstnew, lsense, lsnsct F T F F
       Particle index 14 total energy 4.066056530E+01 GeV Nsurf 0
      We succeeded in saving the particle: current region is n. 93 (cell
     # 0)
     Unfortunately I wasn't able to figure out what error code -3 really
     means and what could cause this problem. I debugged my geometry not
     only with FLUKA's grid debugger, but also with other means and found
     no problem like overlaps in that area.
     Finally there are also a couple of lines like this:
       *** Frmbrk: we are dealing with a bag of 8 388.916321
       identical nucleons, go on folks! ***
     Although that message seems to be quite encouraging I would be very
     interested what it actually means.
     Thank you very much for your assistance.


    Chris Theis
    CERN/SC-RP - European Organization for Nuclear Research
    1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland
    Phone: +41 22 767 8069                    Office: 865-RC-030
    e-mail:           www:

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