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From: Paola Sala (
Date: Wed Feb 15 2006 - 09:28:54 CET

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    I am not sure I unerstand your question, however:
    the XB and WB you get "authomatically " from the FLUKA tracking.
    The code "knows" the position and direction of the particle in the full
    stores them in XB ( (x,y,z) ) and WB (cosx, cosy,cosz), passes them to the
    lattic routine that should return the corresponding position in the
    basic cell. For instance, suppose you defined a cubic base cell of
    dimension L
    centered at (0,0,0),
    and repeated it N times by translation along x. During tracking, one
    interacts in the J-th replica, at GLOBAL coordinates XB: the output
    coordinates from lattic should be
    Sb(1)= XB(1) - J*L
    Sb(2)= XB(2)
    Sb(3)= XB(3)
    this gives the position "inside" the basic cell , so that the tracking can
     be performed with the details of the cell

    hope this helps


    >dear Fluka users,
    > i am new in fluka working on Fluka 2005 versions and want to use
    >lattice geometry. i have read Fluka manual about lattice card and
    >user routine also read presentation on lattice geometry in 5 days
    > I have understood the example given in presentation ,but could not
    >understand how we are getting the input parameters(XB,WB) of argument
    >list in input file?
    > Kidnly help me in this regards. Your help will greatly appreciate.
    >Thank you

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