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Date: Mon Mar 20 2006 - 13:09:11 CET

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    the problem is in the meaning of
    the variable IJ in comscw: it
    refers to the "generalized" particle type,
    that means that it is set to 208 ( or 211 for e.m.) when
    the quantity to be scored is energy deposition.
    You should use the JTRACK variable from common trackr
    to select energy deposition by protons.

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    Subject: Problems about weighting deposited energy
    Hi All,
    I want to calculate proton dose using USRBIN and weight deposited energy by
    using COMSCW.f. But I can not get results as I expected.
    First, according to FLUKA manual, parameter ISCRNG in COMSCW.f should be 1
    when we calculate energy density bin (208.), but in my calculation it always
    be 2, I can not find out why it's not consist with manual.
    Second, I change COMSCW to different values but always got same output in
    Is there anything wrong in my input file or COMSCW.f file?
    Thank you.
    In my input file, define USERWEIG and USRBIN as:
    USERWEIG 0. 0. 4. 0. 0. 1.0
    USRBIN 10.0 208. 60.0 .5 .5 100.
    USRBIN -.5 -.5 0.0 1. 1. 1000.
    And the contents in COMSCW.f are:
    * ======== In order to compute RBE included dose ======== *
          if ( ij .eq. 1 ) then
             enerProton = etrack - 0.93827231
             write(*,*) iscrng
             if ( iscrng .eq. 1 ) then
                if ( enerProton .lt. 0.1) COMSCW = 12.0
             end if
          end if
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