Re: USRYIELD residuals output understanding problem

From: Alfredo Ferrari (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2006 - 22:25:17 CEST

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    you made almost everything wrong in your input.

    a) if you score with USRYIELD particle -6 you get (correctly) alphas
        only, you must use ie 201 (all particles) to get all charges
    b) the outputs of the two usryields, charge and angle and charge and
        energy, coincides till the 6th digit on my machine provided:
        1) you enlarge the max. energy from 0.5 to something higher (with
           450 MeV/n it can be that some light fragments can have energy
           in excess of 500 MeV/n because of Fermi motion (obviously other
           will have less) and therefore they will be counted in the angular
           binning but not in the energy one
        2) you multiply for the proper bin width values, that is
           dE (0.5 in your case, but increase it to 1 to be on the safe
           side) and 4 pi (be careful, angular binnings are ALWAYS IN
           SOLID ANGLE as pointed out in the manual)
        3) not essential, don't bin charges with bins like 0-1, 1-2 etc!!
           You will never know where the computer assigns ie a charge 6
           whether to 6-7 or 5-6, it will depend on the machine
           rounding. Make bins like 0.5-1.5 1.5-2.5 which are obviously
    c) now way the fragment production will be equal to what you score
        with RESNUCLEi in a thin target!!! Most projectile-like fragments
        will simply fly out and therefore will not be recorded by RESNUCLEi
        which scores what is left INSIDE the specified region

    I attach an input with the above points corrected (apart c) which is of
    course is a feature, if you want the fragnets escaping you use again
    a usryield scoring from the target to the region outside).


    On Thu, 8 Jun 2006, Vitaly Pronskikh wrote:

    > Hello, Sebastian,
    > spallation is exactly what I wanted because the
    > USRYIELD options are also set so that to yield the
    > nuclei produced in the primary act (spallation), and
    > not by the secondaries. I expected that in this case
    > number of the products would be nearly equal (or close)
    > to that from RESNICLEI on a rather thin target, but
    > unfortunately I see that was not the case,
    > regards,
    > Vitaly
    >> Hello Vitaly,
    >> In your RESNUCLEi card your WHAT(1) is set to 1.0, only spallation
    >> products will be scored. Quoting Fluka's Manual (Resnuclei part) : all
    >> inelastic interactions except those induced by neutrons below the
    >> threshold for multigroup treatment. Is that really what you want ? With
    >> CARBON, it is possible to score all residual nuclei.
    >> Regards.
    >> Sebastien.

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