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From: Paola Sala (
Date: Mon Oct 02 2006 - 17:10:37 CEST

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    Carbon is treated as a Carbon nucleus.. that means
    -- its energy loss by ionization and multiple
        scattering are calculated according to its mass and its
        ( fluctuating) effective charge
    -- the interaction with Si nuclei is treated by a nucleus-nucleus
        event generator PROVIDED YOU LINKED IT:
        the executable must be built with the
        script. Nucleus-nucleus interactions
         must also be activated with the EVENTYPE card
    - Carbon and Si can be fragmented, with production of nucleons and
       heavy fragments.
    - You can use standard scoring ( for instance usryield ) also for heavy
       to get directly Z or Energy spectra !!!RECOMMENDED!!!.
        At each interaction, you
        can access the information in the GENSTK and FHEAVY commons.

    Alberto wrote:

    >Hi, I have few simple questions:
    >With the last version of FLUKA I'm simulating a Carbon projectile of 10 GeV/n on a Silicon target.
    >The Carbon is propagated in the Si like as a simple "big" hadron or is considered as an ensamble of
    >nucleons hitting the Si nucleons, or what else?
    >Carbon can be fragmented in this collision?
    >In which FLUKA common block I can find the description of all the fragmented ions in a single event?

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