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From: Joseph Comfort (
Date: Sun Oct 29 2006 - 04:07:52 CET

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    I have a problem with source.f, which is probably simple but I have not
    gotten around it after many variations. I am using it to read in a file
    of beam properties, and set the variables in the stack. In addition to a
    SOURCE card, I have a BEAM card with a value for WHAT(1) and for the beam
    particle of interest.

    The source subroutine is entered for the first particle, and I believe all
    appropriate variables are set (confirmed by some inserted print
    statements). Upon return, the program crashes. The .out file contains
    the lines:
     NEXT SEEDS: 5 0 0 0 0 0 181CD
    3039 0 0
        **** KLOOP : 3 ****
     Ir= 1 Xb=-2.19840000000000E-01-6.48190000000000E-02

                Wb= 9.99999737885186E-01 7.24036987359214E-04
    9.97499509449873E-01 Dist= 0.00000000000000E+00

    [MA array]

    [FPD array]

    0 !!! Exit being called from Lookz !!!
     **** Particle in position X = -2.19840000E-01, Y = -6.48190000E-02, Z =
     **** with energy 0.000000E+00 GeV, discarded ****

    The coordinates shown are correct. I set both the particle momentum and
    the kinetic energy in source. I have tried things (at least) 2 ways:
    placing my values into the variables of the template routine (which are in
    the BEAMCM common), and using my own variable names to set the values in
    the FLKSTK common (leaving BEAMCM unchanged).

    I don't know why the program thinks the energy is zero. Any suggestions
    would be appreciated.

    The input and source.f files (text) are attached.

    Thank you.

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