Re: particles not moving?

From: Sebastien WURTH (
Date: Wed Dec 20 2006 - 14:56:34 CET

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    Hello Preek,

    I tried also the same thing before I saw your second mail.
    With SDUM of BEAMPOS = NEGATIVE and wbeam (in source.f) = cos (z_ang),
    your beam goes in positive z direction and therefore since there is
    nothing in this area in your geometry as vacuum, there are "no"
    If you change wbeam to -wbeam in source.f (what we did both of us
    apparently), the beam goes in negative z direction and interactions with
    your geometry occur.
    See test.rar attached, a plot from a slice using a USRBIN estimator I
    put in to check if everything goes OK.

    PS : Any problem with your second archive ? I cannot open it.

    Sebastien. a ecrit :

    >Hi Konstantin,
    > I meant the 6_nm001.out, there were not a
    >list interaction (in summary of fluka run)
    >occured, but it worked when i triedagain (after
    >send mail) with no "nagative" inBEAMPOS card and
    >set "wbeam" to
    >"- wbeam" (insourcemod.f that i sent). Now
    >there were a list interaction occured in
    >6_nm001.outbut no output
    >(6_nm001_fort.61by Mgdraw.f). Also, I tested it
    >by mono-energetic& direction (no request for
    >sourcemod.f) which it works
    >Hope it help you to see how is my problems.
    >Ps, I attached 6_nm001.out & mgdraw.f already.
    >Quoting Konstantin Batkov <>:
    >>Hi Preek,
    >>What do you mean "*.out" file? The one
    >>which has name "6_nm001_fort.62" ?
    >>Numbers in this file are correct because
    >>correspond to the coordinates of the spot
    >>center as indicated in your
    >>input: 0.0 0.0 150.0
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