Neutron Yields Below 19.6MeV

From: Lindley Winslow (
Date: Wed Mar 07 2007 - 03:36:10 CET

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    Hello All,

    I am sorry for all who are not interested in neutron production for
    yet another neutron yield question.

    I am trying to reproduce a plot from Wang et. al. (PhysRevD 64
    013012) that shows the fraction of neutrons from various processes. I
    am finding that too many neutrons produced in iCode==300 reactions
    and get more consistent results neglecting them completely. Please
    see attached pdf for orginal plot and my current results for 10.3MeV.

    I am calculating N_neutrons as the sum over the weights of the
    outgoing neutrons minus the weight of the incoming neutron. If the
    incoming particle was not a neutron I do not subtract anything

    I assume this is a problem with my treatment of the neutrons below

    As usual mgdraw.f and .inp attached too,
    Thank you,


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